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the Christina Gunn Munn and Malcolm Munn, M.D.


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Christina Gunn Munn was the oldest daughter of the George Hugh Gunn family. At the time of the 1871 Census 23 year old Christina along with her two children, Malcom (2), and Jan (9 months) were living with Christina's parents. Dr. Malcolm Munn, Christina's husband, was residing with a bachelor at another location within the county. More than likely this was to enable Dr. Munn to more readily practice medicine.

Christina passed away July 22, 1877 following childbirth.

The Gunns kept and reared Christina and Malcolm's children for some time. Alan Gunn and his sisters recalled their father's mention of he, his brother Alexander, and sister, Minnie (ages 10, 12, and 15 at that time) helping out with the care of the Munn children.

At the time of the Dakota Territory 1880 census, a 3-year old child, "Christeany" was living with the George Hugh Gunn family. Marion, their own youngest child, was 13 at the time.

Jane, the 10-year old daughter of Dr. Munn and Christina, who had been born in Bruce County, was living with her father and his second wife at the time of the census.

Apparently, all of the children of the Munns, except Jane, died in the March 1880 diphtheria epidemic which wiped out many entire families.

There are numerous Munn children buried beside their mother, Christina Gunn Munn, in Rosehill Cemetery at Scotland, South Dakota. Her son, Malcolm, who appeared as 2-years old on the Bruce County 1871 census, died March 20, 1880. There are four children buried near her who are listed as having died in March of 1880. One apparently was the 3-year old who resided with the George Hugh Gunns a few months earlier.

Kathleen Gunn Turpin (now Kennedy) wrote in the GUNNs of Kinlochlaggan...A Scottish Diaspora, printed in 1979: "The tombstone markers are nearly obscure and death records for that period of time are quite inadequate, so it hasn't been possible to determine, for certain, if all four were her children, nor the names and ages of all of the children."

Jane (or "Jenny") lived at least part of the time with her grandparents and aunts and uncles after the death of her mother.

Jane married Wesley Brown and had two children; Elsie "May" was born in February 1896, and Percy A. in April of 1898. Percy, who worked for Whithow Bottling Works in Scotland, SD, and later for a bottling company in Vermillion, SD, died as a young man in the late 1920's after serving in World War I. "May" married and moved to Vermillion about that same time. No records have been located of any of her descendents -- if there are any.

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