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the Hugh H. Gunn and Flora McNichol Gunn




Hugh H., the oldest son of Hugh M. and Katie, was Chief of Police of Rapid City from 1908 until about 1916.  Among his many duties as Police Chief was enforcement of the "Blue Laws".

Hugh H. married Flora McNichol and they had two daughters -- Mabel, born in 1888, and Winifred, born April 13, 1891.  Both died in the flue epidemic in 1918.  Mabel died Oct. 8 and Winifred on Oct. 13 -- five days apart, according to information obtained from their death certificates.

Mabel was a telephone operator and had stayed on the job because of the urgent need for operators during the flue crisis.

Winifred was married to Howard Lane.  At the time of her death, her son, Daryl Howard, was about one month old.  Howard was in the U.S. Army, so Daryl was reared by his Gunn grandparents.

Daryl and his first wife had two children, a son Charles Lane, and a daughter, Marilyn Lane Schoenberner.

Daryl's second wife died when their children, Janet Lane and James Lane, were 12 and 13 years old.   Janet became Mrs. Harry Hill of Mendon, Illinois and James was living in Saginaw, Minnesota.

Daryl Lane died of a heart attack in June 1974.


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